Welcome to Shaukat Surgery.

Shaukat Surgery is a clinic in the heart of Chakwal city being run by Dr. Shaukat Nawaz Khan, a highly qualified surgeon with more than 30 years of of international and national experience in the field of surgery.

District Chakwal is one of the most medically deprived area. For most of the specialized consultation, people are either being referred to Rawalpindi / Islamabad or they themselves opt because of lack of trust in the local setups.

Now in Chakwal, Shaukat Surgery not only provides the first class consultation including internet guided explanation of their diseases but also the services of advanced surgery and endoscopy.

We at Shaukat Surgery believe that up to 50 percent of patients being referred to higher centers in Rawalpindi / Islamabad area can now safely be treated / directed to appropriate treatment, at our setup.

Being a UK trained General Surgeon, varied types of surgery from basic to complex procedure is offered. Apart from Surgery, we offer the Endoscopy Services. This service is only available in whole of District Chakwal, only at Shaukat Surgery.